The Sun Bloomed! 太陽が咲いた! | ハヤイングリッシュアカデミー


The Sun Bloomed! 太陽が咲いた!

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$王寺・柏原の英会話教室 レッスン 子供の英語教室なら HAYA English Academy (ハヤ イングリッシュ アカデミー)のブログ-7月 飾りつけ

“The rainy season’s still going on. I hate this humid weather!”
the Lion said sadly. She loves summer and the sun.
So her best friend, Monkey, wanted to cheer her up.
“But how…?” He struggled thinking about it.
His mother having watched this, gave him 10 tiny seeds  and said,
“Raise this plant from the seed.”
So he watered  the flower garden, and spoke gently to the seeds every day.
One day in the morning in July, when Lion and Monkey arrived at the Haya English Academy…
There was a sunflower field  stretching as far as the eye could see.
The sunflowers shining in yellow look just like the sun.
Lion got so excited and said to Monkey, “Thanks a lot! Now I’m not sad even if it rains!”
Lion’s smile made Monkey feel happy from the bottom of his heart.